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Kathie Newberry was destined to work with nature. Her love and creative passion for the outdoors culminated in Newberry Landscape from her rich artistic heritage. Her great-grandfather was an innovator in his time, creating water catchment systems and rainwater tanks in the early 1900’s. Her grandfather was a builder and plumber, her mother an artist and avid gardener and her father an innovator. All skills she believes embodied in her the love of and respect for creating and transforming her landscape designs.

After college and a highly successful career in Hospital Administration, Kathie could no longer resist the pull of her deepest passion. Her entrepreneurial spirit and drive to pursue her dream brought her to officially open Newberry Landscape. Since that day, over ten years ago, her business has continued to grow.

She believes that landscaping is more than measurements of a plot customized and drawn out of a customer’s descriptions. Her ability to incorporate natural elements and to make field adjustments both capture and optimize the visual and intrinsic artistic qualities of each of her outdoor projects.

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