Newberry Landscape Outdoor FireplaceDon’t just take our word for it! Newberry Landscape gets “down to earth,” showcasing some of the delightful reviews we've received from clientele.

… I have long imagined what my backyard would look like, if I could have it just as I have dreamed of it to be, so many times. However, that dream always included what I realized would be impossible…something that was a pond, a stream, a waterfall and a place for my dogs to be able to wade through. What I could have never imagined, was that your creative landscaping genius could somehow understand my unsophisticated explanation and design something that not only surpassed my expectations, but was even more magnificent that I could have dreamed. The difference it has made in decreasing my stress level and increasing the hours of enjoyment of my home, is immeasurable.
S. Segalle
New Braunfels, Texas

… I had already heard from friends who had used your company, that your creative approach, design and flexibility proved perfect for giving them both unique and “one of a kind” outdoor spaces. So it has proven true for me, as well. My guests are absolutely amazed at the water feature you created for me…..beautiful, artistic and perfectly in tune with the surroundings. It truly looks like a product of nature…..something that has been in place there for hundreds of years.
B. Thornton
Alamo Heights, Texas

… Thank you…thank you….thank you. I am thrilled with the results of all your hard work in my backyard!
N. Derringer
Canyon Lake, Texas

… Kat, your work ethic is beyond approach. All of your staff working at my home were tireless, professional and seemed to have a marvelous rapport with each other. Tell them thanks from me, as well. Please feel free to use me for a recommendation…any time. You and your guys are my heroes!
J. Mathison
San Antonio, Texas

… I truly feel blessed to have found you! You worked on my yard in stages, as my budget allowed, and the final result takes my breath away whenever I see it. Thanks so much for your willingness to work with me over the years. I want to do more lighting!!!
C. Cummings
Newberry Landscape Stone WalkwaySan Antonio, Texas

… When I showed you my massive pile of rocks, I thought you would never call back. Instead you crawled all over them, picked the best and made an incredible masterpiece in my backyard. I don’t know where your inspiration and creative ideas come from, but you came up with ideas I could never have imagined.

… What I appreciated more than your glorious landscape, was how you were so thoughtful of my children and dog. Often I would come outside to find you showing a “special” rock to my boys or letting them “help” move dirt. I thought for sure my dog would never be the same after you left, he waited for you every day to get his doggie massage! My family fell in love with you and your staff, who were so fun and well mannered. Come visit often!
David and Linda